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Surfside Potrero Community
Spanish Teacher as a Second Language   .   Professeur de I'Espagnol
All Levels   .   Tous Niveaux
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About the instructor, Ivette


Ivette Gómez Mora
Spanish Teacher

About the Instructor:

 I was born in San José and have a background as a psychologist. I have been teaching Spanish as a foreign language for over 20 years by now.

I opened, owned and operated a Spanish school in Manuel Antonio, Quepos (Costa Rica central pacific coast). I moved to Potrero 10 years ago where I have been teaching private tutoring Spanish and also I was a teacher at Country Day School, for 2 years.

I speak and write English.  I love my work and enjoy so much teaching Spanish as a foreign language. I love to see the progress of my students and also sharing with people from different cultures is one of the things that I enjoy the most.