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Costa Rica - Provinces - Cantons - Districts

Costa Rica - Provincias - Cantones - Distritos

Thank you again COSTARICALAW for great information!  Great maps of provinces, cantons, and districts of Costa Rica.

costa rica law  Click to go to their webpage for complete set of maps!

Check with the post office for your correct address.  They will include the province, canton, and district.  If you live in Surfside, Potrero, you will see you live in the province of Guanacaste, canton of Santa Cruz (don't confuse with the town of Santa Cruz which is also in the canton of Santa Cruz), and the district of Tempate.

An example of post office box address in Villa Real:
Apartado Postal (YOUR POBOX#)-5111
Playa Potrero
Guanacaste, Santa Cruz, Tempate
50304 - 5111 – Costa Rica

So... the town of Santa Cruz is in the canton of Santa Cruz and the district of Santa Cruz!

santa cruz